Programme for 2010/2011

North and South

Margaret Tietze, Bonjour America
A multi media exhibition.

The programme theme suggests interesting educational projects in a number of areas. There are connections, for example, to environmental, historical, geological and artistic studies. These interests can be exploited in workshops at junior and secondary level.

Four Group 75 members are experienced in running workshops for children and giving drawing sessions and talks to students and adults. Two of the artists are also Welsh speaking.

Catalogues and publicity material accompany the exhibition.

Group 75 has received financial assistance from private sponsors and has had continued support from the Arts Council of Wales.

Richard Hore, Oyster Beds, gouache.

Tracey Ann Williams, Walking the Dog, oil.

Boris Tietze, The Contract, oil.

Dave Cooper, Winter Triptych, oil.

Leo Sharratt, Indigo Ripple, oil.

Gordon Field, Tree Totems.

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